'Point Break': How They Pulled Off Those Death-Defying Stunts


In “Point Break,” nobody moves slowly.

The remake of the cult-classic Patrick Swayze heist film packs in non-stop action with harrowing stunts by the world’s top extreme athletes doubling for stars Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez.

In a series of videos, producers take viewers behind the screen to show how they choreographed and filmed the breathtaking action on surfboards, motorcycles, snowboards and a flying contraption called a wingsuit.

And they explain the danger wasn’t all Hollywood make-believe, including one snowboarding stunt that that created a special effect that was terrifyingly real.

“The more people you put on a slope, the more danger the whole thing is going to rip out,” says Rob Bruce, a second unit director for snowboarding scenes. “And we’ve seen in happen on a very simple shot — four guys jumped off a cliff, landed and the whole face went. It was a Class 4 avalanche. It is extreme and so we really want to capture that.”

“Point Break” opens Christmas day.