Jordin Sparks Reveals What Music Teaches You About Acting

For Jordin Sparks, whether it’s in song or in a script, singing and acting have something in common: expressing emotions.

“I feel, as an actress, just from my own personal experience, it’s kind of the same—you’re becoming a character and you have to figure out how to get their emotions out,” she tells Made in Hollywood: Teen during an Aug. 14 appearance at Glendale Galleria in Glendale, Calif. to promote her new album “Right Here Right Now.”

After a six-year hiatus, Jordin Sparks has returned to the music scene. The 25-year-old stepped away from the mic to pursue a career in acting, and she says that her artistry as a singer made the transition a seamless one.

She continues: “The great thing with being a musician and moving into acting is when you’re singing a song, you have to figure out a way to emote what the song is saying without going over the top and also being able to do it in a way where you understand the lyrics.”

During her time off, Sparks made her big screen feature debut in 2012’s “Sparkle,” along with other big and small screen projects. And now, Sparks’ forthcoming third album, available Aug. 25, pays a nod to ‘90s R&B and takes inspiration from the emotional journey that followed during her break.

“I was also inspired by the past six years of my life—experiences that I’ve gone through, things that I’ve learned, but also inspired by other relationships that I saw,” she says.

Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks